A Church? For People Who Don’t Like Church?

I did not grow up going to church … at all. Since becoming a Christian I’ve learned that there are a lot people who believe in God, want a spiritual dimension to their lives, are even open to the idea of Jesus … they just don’t like church.

Maybe it’s because they’ve never gone to church and so feel like they couldn’t relate. Or it might be that they have been to church and were turned off, or just felt like it wasn’t for them.

That’s why one of the things we’ve decided to do in Vegas is start a church … for people who don’t like church. For people who are kind of open to God, Jesus, spirituality. For people who think there’s got to be more to life. For people who are seeking and searching. For people who need something authentic. For people who want something better for their kids.

Those are the people who will like Verve. Because it’s church … for people who don’t like church.