Creating Movement … From Nothing

Awhile back I was at an event where they had people trying to pull a truck. Guys would pull with all their might, it might budge an inch or two, then they would stop pulling quite so hard for a second, and the truck would roll right back into it’s original spot. It took not only incredible strength, but also non-stop pulling.

That is a great image of what it’s like to start a church. When you lead a church that already exists it has some momentum going for it – a building, people, programs. When you plant a church, there is no momentum. You have to create it.  And if you’re not constantly pushing it forward, it will settle back to it’s original spot – basically nothing.

A year ago this week we launched a new church called Verve, and it’s been constant pulling and pushing ever since…

Want to learn about church planting, especially how to start a church for people who don’t like church? Then come to our next Vault Church Planting Lab.