Good Read on Launching

I know a lot of church planters read this blog, and at least a few entrepreneur types, and if you all want a great read, check out Seth Godin’s blog entry from the other day.

He makes a bunch of great points about the launch of Apple’s new iPad. My favorites?

  • “Don’t try to please everyone.” — We’ve already had some people say, on their way out of Verve, “I don’t think this is for me.” My answer, “Yeah, you’re probably right.” I don’t try to convince them they’re wrong, because they’re right. We’re not trying to please everyone. We’re church … for people who don’t like church.
  • “Create a culture of wonder.” — This is part of what’s great about Christianity. It’s filled with wonder and mystery. A lot of churches try to take all that out so everything makes total sense; we don’t. That’s part of the reason we do communion in our services, and teach on the Trinity in the first session of our class for new people. Because you can’t completely understand it. But you’re not supposed to. There’s some wonder and mystery.
  • “Be willing to fail.” — This has been one of our mantras from day one, and we have definitely lived this out.