Vince Recommends…

So last year I spoke all over the country. I get asked to do this kind of a lot, but I have to say no pretty often because as a pastor I need to be at my church. But last year we were living in Vegas and had the launch team for a church but not quite a church yet, so I was able to say yes more. And I spoke at something like 23 churches, several conferences, a college, a camp, you name it.

This means that I flew … a lot. There were several airlines I flew on multiple times. And no one overly impressed me, but in comparison to the others I definitely recommend … Delta. You get a TV in your seat, with free cable TV, you may get internet, you get some food.

I normally wouldn’t put someone down publicly like this but … I have to un-recommend someone as well. There is an airline that is so bad that twice I had flight attendant’s ask me to please write letters complaining because “This has got to change.” Actually, I’d feel bad stating their name, so how about this? I’ll scramble up the letters and you see if you can figure out who it is. Ready? It’s: American Airlinse.