G Is For Gifts

At Verve we just started our GPS series, where we’re learning how to understand where God is leading us, and especially where He might be leading us to serve and make a difference. And this week we talked about our gifts.

Almost everyone understands that they have some gifts – talents and abilities and skills. The thing we don’t understand is that those gifts are not for us. God didn’t give us them or the ability to develop them so we could be selfish. He gave us them to bless others and impact the world.

We talked about how knowing our gifts help us to know where we’re to serve. One thing we didn’t talk about is this: Using our gifts to serve the interests of others, rather than promoting ourselves, is one of the keys to happiness and personal fulfillment. That’s counter-culture for sure, but it’s true. If you want to be happy, stop worrying about being happy and use your gifts to serve others.

If you haven’t yet, maybe it’s time for you to find a place to serve and make a difference at Verve.