Just had an idea for a message series, and I’m gonna give it out for free to those of you who do message series…

I’m studying through the book of Ephesians and there are like five passages that have a “formerly you…” “but now you…” contrast, distinguishing life before Christ and life with Christ. They are 2:1-10; 2:11-13; 2:19-22; 4:17-24; and 5:8. Might be a cool series to study through those five passages to help people see the difference having Jesus should make in their lives.

And if it was me, I think I’d call it: Were. (As in, “As for you, you were…” “Like the rest, we were…” “But now in Christ Jesus, you who once were…”

If you use this idea, don’t give me credit. ‘Cause, you know, it may not come out good, and I can’t be getting a rep for bad ideas. 😉