What Up Burger King?

Have you been to Burger King lately? I went to one (in Baker, California) a few weeks ago, and something has gone wacky at Burger King. LIKE … you can now get RIBS there. No joke. You can just order ribs, or you can add 3 ribs to any extra value meal for like two bucks. AND … you can now get funnel cakes there. Again, no joke.

BUT … the weirdest thing is that over on the soda machine there is a sign with suggested pairings. Like it says something like: “Coke has a bold, bountiful rich flavor. Coke goes well with: A Whopper, and …” Then it tells you what sandwiches Sprite goes best with, and Dr. Pepper.

Who is Burger King trying to fool? Are they going to start having sommeliers walking around helping the guests out?

I’m not sure, but I think the King might be on the Crack.