Vince Recommends…

I give you an important life recommendation every week, and this is a weird one. But here’s the sequence of events:

  1. I was talking to a kinda professional chef once and asked him his favorite things to make. He said that for desserts, he loves making anything with grilled fruit. I said, “Grilled fruit? Like pineapple?” He said yes, but almost any fruit is great grilled.
  2. We were in California a couple weeks ago for camp, and on the drive home stopped at a fruit market and bought a bunch.
  3. A couple days later I was in my kitchen looking at all this fruit and wondering if we’d eat all of it.
  4. I remembered the “Almost any fruit is great grilled” comment.
  5. I decided to grill one of each of most of the fruits.
  6. I grilled an apple – ehhh.
  7. I grilled a plumb – pretty good.
  8. I grilled a peach – very good, which is what I expected.
  9. And I grilled a … wait for it, because this is my recommendation, keep waiting, keep waiting…
  10. A banana – and holy crap, it was great.
  11. So I toasted bread, put peanut butter on the hot toast, then put warm grilled banana on it for a warm p.b. and grilled b. sandwich – WOW.
  12. Go grill some banana.
  13. You’re welcome.