A Guerrilla Lover Christmas

A week or two ago I had a pastor tell me he’s probably going to do a series on Guerrilla Lovers for Christmas, and asked for ideas for the series and projects his church could do along with it. What a great idea! Maybe it’s something some of you would want to consider. So here’s my response:

Hey – it’s really cool that you’re thinking about making it a Guerrilla Lover Christmas, and I think it’s a great idea!

So … as far as doing a Guerrilla Lover series: You probably know that we made and give away for free a series we’ve made for it – check out www.guerrillalovers.com for 5 sermon manuscripts, some videos, graphics, etc. I think the series would work well at Christmas time. But if you want to tweak it to make it especially fit Christmas, it could be perfect! I would tweak it by adding these kinds of themes to the messages:

  • Jesus came to ambush the world with love. That’s what Christmas is all about. It’s Jesus coming into “enemy territory” to ignite a guerrilla revolution. But it was a war of love. That’s why God sent Him (Jn 3:16) and that’s the way He lived.
  • Unfortunately, Christmas may be the time when we least follow Jesus’ example of being guerrilla lovers. If we’re not careful, Christmas can be all about what we want and what we get, instead of being about loving and serving others. So let’s make this a guerrilla Christmas! There are so many opportunities to love others, let’s get strategic and do some serious ambushes!

As far as projects: Again, on the website there are all kinds of guerrilla assignments you can give your people. And there are obviously a ton of things you can do at Christmas time, which you could talk about as guerrilla activity. Providing meals or presents to needy families, sending packages to soldiers oversees, etc., etc. You could also do something where say at the service closest to Christmas (like Christmas Eve if you’re doing one) you get like a ton of boxes of donuts, have people at the service buy a dozen (or a couple dozen) and on their way home drop them off at places where people are having to work (Emergency Rooms, Police Stations, Fire Houses, etc.). It could be your Guerrilla Christmas Attack of 2010!

Also: At the website you can get cases of books (I think 50 per case) at half price. Most churches who have done the series had their people read the book at the same time and it’s worked really great.