Vault Quotes

I mentioned last week that the response to the Vault church planters lab was overwhelming. Here’s just a few quotes from the evaluation forms:

“I have been to several conferences and this is by far the best- from content to friendliness of the staff. Thanks!”

“Best conference content ever!”

“At the risk of sounding dramatic- they changed my life…I will never ever think the same way about so many things. Thank you,thank you, thank you.”

“Unbelievable stories that really helped revive my vision that this is about individual lives being changed…one at a time.”

“I very much appreciated the availability of Vince & Rob through out the conference for questions and getting to know them.”

“Thank you so much for doing this! I needed to go to something like this to reinforce what God’s doing in and through me. And the practical ideas are great!”

“Please please please have it again!”