Not Random, Strategic

Two people mentioned to me recently that they view my Guerrilla Lovers book and the guerrilla lover revolution we’re unleashing on the world (I think big!) is another way of packaging random acts of kindness.


It’s not random acts of kindness, it’s strategic acts of kindness. Big difference. There’s nothing wrong with random acts of kindness, but they don’t have much lasting or significant influence. If I help a guy who’s car is broken down, he may tell a few people about this great (and sexy) guy who came to his assistance, but that’s it. It’s pretty much just, well, random.

Guerrilla love is about strategic acts of kindness. It’s love with a plan. With some intelligence and creativity behind it. And with way more potential for life changing, maybe even eternal, impact.

Random acts of kindness make people feel good. Guerrilla love changes the world.

Want to learn how to become a guerrilla lover? Join the guerrilla revolution? Then check out my book, Guerrilla Lovers.