People Are Sick In This Town

My wife works at a gym. She does administrative stuff so mostly she’s back in an office, but she’s very friendly and empathetic so it’s easy for her to get to know people.

One lady who works out at the gym is a stripper. She was talking to Jen once and explained that she was giving some dude a lap dance and he popped her fake boob. Apparently, the guy didn’t mean to do it, it was innocent – you know, an innocent lap dance resulting in an innocent bursting of an innocent fake boob.

So my wife’s empathy kicks in and she starts saying, “Oh no! I’m so sorry, poor thing, that was probably painful, or maybe not, and now you have, well, only one boob, that must be awful, you know, to have only, well, ummm, one boob.”

“No, actually,” the stripper tells her, “I’m making way more money now that I only have one boob. Apparently, guys prefer girls with only one boob.”

My wife is a bit incredulous at this point and asks, “Oh. Wait. Really? I mean, wait, really? Are you serious?”

And the stripper says, “Yeah. People are sick in this town.”