The Makings Of A Church Planter (2)

A week or so ago I shared what I consider to be the most critical characteristic of a church planter, here’s what might be second:  A great motor.

If you’re a football fan you’ve heard announcers talk about the “motor” of a great running back. What they mean is that there’s a drive in them that won’t let them go down. When hit by a linebacker, you can see the motor of the running back in his legs – they don’t stop. They keep churning, often allowing them to get a couple extra yards or even break a tackle.

In church planting there are endless things that will stop your momentum, hurt your feelings, potentially kill the church or crush your spirit. And if you don’t have a great motor, you will go down. If you don’t have the resilience to keep your legs churning and never stop, you’ll find you’re leading one of the eight in ten new churches that die within three years of opening. You’ve got to have a great motor.

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