The Makings Of A Church Planter (5)

Been sharing critical characteristics of a church planter, and they are not necessarily in order of importance. They’re all musts. This one is a definite must:  You must be passionate about helping people who are far from God get close to God. And I’ll add: It sure wouldn’t hurt if you had some idea of how to actually do that.

Seems obvious, but it’s obviously not. Most new churches do not reach people who are far from God. They set up shop as the newest/coolest/bestest church in town which sounds great IF you like church. And that’s exactly what happens – people who like church (and already go to one) come to see if this church really is newer and cooler and better than theirs. If the church isn’t, people won’t stay and the church will die soon. If the church is, people will stay and the church will grow.

But that’s not the kind of growth God is looking for. God loves people and His mission is to have people who have walked away from Him come home to Him. That’s supposed to be the mission of the church. And if that’s not your mission, please don’t start a new church because honestly the world doesn’t need it.

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