Amazing Churches … For Christians

The Barna Group recently reported the results of a 2010 study in which they discovered that very few people admitted to any change in their religious beliefs or practices over the last five years.  The group experiencing the least amount of change were those over 26.  And more people reported moving away from Christianity than growing in their faith.

I realize there are a lot of issues involved, including a person’s growing inflexibility as they age but … one significant factor too often ignored is that churches “do church” for people who like church, rather than strategically designing what they do to connect with people who are far from God, and bring them closer to God.

I have been to a lot of great, amazing churches … for Christians.  But I can probably count on one hand the churches I’ve seen that are truly doing church in a way that can effectively reach people who are far from God and lead to significant belief and life change in them.

If you are serious about reaching non-Christians, and having a church for people who don’t like church, I might be able to provide some coaching, and you should come to our Vault conference in October.