Vince Recommends…

Do you like to grill?  Are you into steaks?  Do you struggle to know if your steak is done the way you like it?  Or you’re cooking for guests and they want theirs medium, and how do you know when it’s medium?!

Well … there is a whole way to figure this out by using your hand.  Poke the fatty part of flesh under your thumb.  That’s what a rare steak should feel like when you touch it.  Make a tight fist and poke that same spot.  That’s what a well done steak should feel like.  Etc.

But if you’d like a much easier way AND you have an iPhone, get the Steak Time app by Omaha Steaks.  You enter in a few facts and it will help you cook your steak perfectly.  Finally, our hi tech world is doing something good for my belly!

You’re welcome.