World’s Dumbest

I have a confession to make:  Sometimes late at night, before I go to bed, I … watch a show called, World’s Dumbest on TruTV. Have you seen it? The show features idiotic people doing idiotic things. Like, “Seriously? No one could possibly be that dumb” kind of stuff.

I have another confession: I also check out the world’s dumbest almost every morning. Except in the morning I read about idiotic people doing idiotic things … in the Bible. And lots of days I think, “Seriously? No one could possibly be that dumb.”

Okay, one more confession: I also see the world’s dumbest during the day. Like in the mirror. Or when I look at people, like you. We’re all idiots. And we all do idiotic things.

So I’ve got an idea. Maybe we should all stop looking down on others and just be ridiculously glad we get to be the recipients of God’s grace.