Standing Up

Yesterday I shared my first experience doing stand-up. I went on to do open mic nights, then got hired by a “real” show in a casino. Then our show was thrown out of the casino for being to obscene. I mentioned that on this blog and quickly received an e-mail from a “concerned mother” with the subject line, “Mr. Comic.”  She wrote:

Mr. A., I follow your blog from time to time. I am really confused about a couple things so I thought the best way to clear this up is to ask you. You are in a show performing and get kicked out for being too raunchy? So it’s moved to an all nude strip club. Ok….  As I read your blog posts, I usually have a feeling that I’m listening to a man that loves Jesus, his family, and truly wants to see people saved. Even in non-traditional ways… I am in no way a qualified minister, yet something about this doesn’t seem like it will lead people to choose Jesus… What am I missing?

It’s a good question. My answer? If you want to connect with people who are far from God, and help those people get connected to God, you have to go where those people are.

Jesus did this all the time, repeatedly going where He wasn’t supposed to: Samaria, Zaccheaus’ house, Matthew’s party. So I think if we’re following Jesus, we have no choice.

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