Why Not? Well, Lots of Reasons…

Recently I was with a guy who has to raise money. He’s got a great heart, and a very fuzzy vision – lack of clarity on what his goals are and how he’ll accomplish them. His answer to why people would give money to what he’s doing was, “Why wouldn’t they give money to what I’m doing?”

Well, because IF they have money they want to give to something, there are all kinds of other somethings they can give their money to. Saying yes to you means saying no to a bunch of other worthy causes. So why wouldn’t I give to you? Because the other person asking me has clear vision – lots of clarity on goals and the strategy to accomplish them.

If you want to start something, and especially if you want to raise money for it, develop a crystal clear vision and a sound strategy — or don’t start it, and definitely don’t ask me for money.

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