Honest City?

So here’s one way Las Vegas is probably different from where you live. Ask people in your town why they moved there and you’ll get a lot of, “For a job” and “To be closer to friends/family.” And you’ll hear those answers in Vegas, too. But you’ll also hear a ton of people say things like, “I had totally messed up my life” and “I was running and Vegas seemed like the place to run to” and “I needed a fresh start and I thought there was no better place to get it than Las Vegas.”

My friend recently took a taxi to the airport and asked the driver why he was in Sin City. The driver said, “Well, I’m from Ohio, but I really screwed up there. And I had to get away, I just wanted to disappear, and Vegas seemed like the city for it.”

There’s something about a City of Sin that makes people who have screwed up their lives feel comfortable. It’s like the one place where you feel like everyone is a screw-up. There seems to be level ground morally, and the level is rock bottom.
One of the cool things about this is that it makes Vegas an incredibly honest place. People will tell you their sin, because they assume your sin is probably just as bad.