Vince Recommends…

Because I love you so much, I keep giving you these amazing recommendations that will rock your world and/or change your life.  Today’s is a “for locals only” for the Vegas crowd.  It’s the 4x4x2 Challenge at RM Seafood in Mandalay Bay.

I’ve done it twice, and it was one of the most fun dates I’ve had with my wife, and one of our most fun family outings since moving here.

The deal is that they give you sixteen bowls of unidentified ice cream and you have to guess what the flavors are. If you get them all right (you won’t) the ice cream is free. (If not, the cost is about $20.)

The flavors are mostly FUNKY.  A few are great, a few are gross (shrimp cocktail ice cream, anyone?), most are good.  But it’s just really fun to try together to identify the flavors.

You’re welcome.