Ready to Start 1: Courageous People

Over a few weeks I thought I’d share what I consider to be the six critical things you need before you start your church. Here’s one:

Church planting is a difficult and lonely endeavor. You will never feel so isolated, and a vital relationship with God is a must. But it’s not enough. that sounds wrong but remember Adam had God, but God said, “It is not good for man to be alone.” Well, it’s not good for a church planter to be alone. So you need the support of courageous people. Two types:

The support of an encouraging family. If your family isn’t fully on-board, do not plant. The process of planting will be painful, and if they’re not positive there will be problems. (How do you like those P’s?!)

The support of an experienced coach. If you’ve never started a church before, you will face things you never have. And if you have started a church before, you will still face brand new challenges. And it is incredibly helpful to have a coach to walk through it with you. I’ve planted twice, once without a coach and once with, and with is way better. And I coach church planters, but still wanted a coach for me.

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