Ready to Start 3: A Clear Strategy

Over a few weeks I thought I’d share what I consider to be the six critical things you need before you start your church. Here’s one:

A few months ago my wife and I had to drive to an airport. We left our hotel, knowing exactly where we were going. One problem, we didn’t know how to get there. I guess we assumed it would be easy, obvious, after all, an airport is kind of a major thing. But nope, we couldn’t find it.

Last time I mentioned having a compelling vision – knowing exactly where you’re going. But too many church planters lack a strategy – knowing how you’ll get there. Maybe they assume it will be easy, obvious, after all, the vision is kind of a major thing. But most church planters can never quite make it happen. Why? No strategy. And you must have a clear strategy that answers questions like, “How will we get people to show up?” and “What will we do to make them want to come back and stay?” and “In what way will we help them to know God and His love?” and “How will we equip them to follow Jesus and serve the world for Him?” Without that clear strategy, you’re going to get lost.

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