Sublimation 4: Deep Sublimation

Been sharing some thoughts on sublimation, which is basically replacing a negative with a positive. Yesterday we talked about replacing unhealthy actions with healthy one’s.  Important.  But there’s a type of sublimation that is far more critical.

All those selfish and self-destructive behaviors we do, why do we do them?  When you get to the heart of it, it’s because we believe a lie.  I sabotage my relationships because I believe I’m not worthy of one. I overeat because I think food can make me happy.  I lie because I believe my worth is determined by what other people think of me, and so I need to impress them.  And as long as I continue to believe lies, I’ll continue to engage in the same behaviors.

So I need to practice sublimation.  I need to replace the lies with truth.  Until I do, I’ll stay stuck in the same behaviors.

So … what do you keep doing even though you don’t want to?  And what lie is that behavior based on?  And what’s the truth that needs to replace that lie?