Discover Your Calling (2)

One of the saddest things I encounter is a person without a life passion. 
And one of the most exciting things I get to do is help people 
discover their calling from God and start to live it out.
Thought I’d do a few posts on how to discover your calling…
What makes you angry? I’m not talking about traffic, or grapes you didn’t realize had seeds in them. I mean the thing in this world that just turns your stomach and you just can’t tolerate. That anger may be from God and the key to you finding your life passion. Think about Moses who saw an Egyptian mistreating an Israelite slave, and killed the Egyptian. Is it surprising that his calling from God becomes freeing the Israelites from the Egyptians?
So what makes you angry? That some people can’t find freedom from their addictions? The plight of the homeless? That there are people who are far from God and have been turned off by the church? That some children will grow up without fathers? Sexual slavery? Marriages ending in divorce?
Could that anger be from God? Perhaps He wants you to do something about it. Maybe that’s your calling…