Discover Your Calling (3)

One of the saddest things I encounter is a person without a life passion. 
And one of the most exciting things I get to do is help people 
discover their calling from God and start to live it out.
Thought I’d do a few posts on how to discover your calling…

Last time I asked what makes you angry, this time I’m wondering what makes you happy. Not happy like grapes without seeds in ’em, or when Easter is getting close and Cadbury eggs go on sale. I’m talking about stuff you do and it makes you feel alive, and you’d keep doing it if you could.
Frederick Buechner said that your calling is “the place where your deep gladness meets the world’s deep need.” When we thought about what makes you angry we were identifying one of the world’s deep needs. But this what makes you happy question can reveal your deep gladness. So what makes you happy? Teaching kids? Sharing your faith with people who are far from God? Fixing cars? Writing? Photography? Meeting new people?

Your answer may be one of the puzzle pieces that come together to show you your calling.