Best/Worst States

A study was done recently statistically determining what each state is worst and best at. Here are some examples of what states are worst at:

  • California:  Air pollution.
  • Texas:  High school graduation.
  • South Carolina:  Teacher salaries.
  • Pennsylvania:  Arson.
  • And my state of Nevada:  Crime. (Nice. Why can’t we have “obesity” like Louisiana?)

 So here are some examples of what different states are best at:

  • California: Safest for workers
  • Texas:  Most wind power production
  • South Carolina:  Best value University
  • Pennsylvania:  Most hunters.
  • And my state of Nevada:  Most liberalized prostitution laws. (Seriously?! That’s what we’re best at. This is the best character trait of our state? What the crap?!) (Help us Lord.)