Calling Cautions (2)

Just did a little blog series on discovering your calling.
Thought it only fair to also do a short series with some cautions on your calling…

God’s calling on our life typically includes a promise. It may be a promise you’re aware of, or perhaps not. For example, Abraham. When God calls Abraham to leave his home, He promises to bless him and give him descendents who will be His people.
And that’s cool. Who doesn’t want a promise from God? But here’s the caution: We often have to wait to experience the promise. Sometimes it’s a long wait. Like God promises Abraham descendents, and Abe and his wife probably got busy, then ran to the store to get the home pregnancy test. But it came back negative. And she didn’t get pregnant the next day either, or the next week, or month, or year. It’s years later that God delivers on His promise. Why? I don’t know, but God does.
And you may have to wait for years before getting going on your calling. Or you may start immediately, but toil in obscurity without seeing results for decades. You may even forget the promise. But God won’t. So answer the call, stay faithful, and wait expectantly.