Calling Cautions (4)

Just did a little blog series on discovering your calling.
Thought it only fair to also do a short series with some cautions on your calling…

Discovering your calling from God is a great thing … or is it? It is, and we all want it, but there are some downsides. One of those is fear.
Last time we thought about how God doesn’t Mapquest out the journey for us. He typically gets us moving in the right direction without showing us the destination. Well, that induces fear.
And God generally calls us to things that seem bigger than us, maybe even impossible. He does that because then it requires faith, but it also induces fear.
And what God calls us to do, it may not be normal. It may not be what others expect. It may not be what we’ve always done. And that can be a bit embarrassing. And it can also … induce fear.
If you’re not willing to stare down fear, don’t even try to discover your calling. And if you get a calling that doesn’t induce fear, at least consider the possibility that it may not actually be your calling.