Calling Cautions (5)

Just did a little blog series on discovering your calling.
Thought it only fair to also do a short series with some cautions on your calling…

Once you’ve discovered your calling and get moving you’re going to expect wind rushing through your hair, to be saying great quotes about how you were made for this and are feeling God’s pleasure, to be seeing amazing results. And all of that may happen. But here’s something even more likely: You will fall down. You will start moving, and then fall. And fall again. You’ll be confused, “I thought God called me to do this? I thought I was made to do this? Why aren’t I good at it? Why is it so unnatural for me?
The answer? It’s new to you. Michael Jordon had some amazing innate abilities for basketball, but I bet he missed the first few shots he took when he was starting out. And if you volunteer for the first time in the children’s ministry, or share your faith for the first time, or film and edit your first video, it’s just going to go so great. That’s something I like to call normal
Don’t let falling down, failing, create doubt that this isn’t really what you’re supposed to do. And don’t quit. No one starts out amazing. We all start out awkward. And then we get more comfortable, better, wind starts rushing through our hair, etc. But on the way to “I was made for this” you will fall down. It’s normal.