Vince Recommends…

So, unfortunately, I’ve got a sweet tooth and enjoy desserts. And if you told me that I would travel to a country that doesn’t have cake or cookies or ice cream or brownies for dessert, I would be disappointed. But I have spent quite a bit of time in two countries that don’t have any of those for dessert, but I was not disappointed. Why? Because in Laos and Vietnam, dessert is often … mangoes. It’s freakin’ genius! Over the long run, there is no way America can keep up with nations smart enough to make mango their normal dessert. And if I ever move out of this country, I guarantee you it will be to a mango for dessert nation.

Why? Because I like mangoes, I love mangoes, I am passionate about mangoes, I am obsessed with mangoes. And if you’ve ever had a perfectly ripe mango, you know why. It’s the greatest taste God created. Period. Like when God was creating perfect things, He thought of Jesus’ life on earth, the distance between home plate and first base, and mangoes.


And you’re welcome.