In his book Enchanted, Guy Kawasaki gives a list of the people you want represented in your organization (he writes from a business, not church, perspective – but often uses church words)…

  • Advocate: The advocate takes the side of your customers, believers and followers and proselytizes things like lower prices, faster delivery, free support, and more online engagement. She is the believer’s champion inside the organization.
  • Skeptic: The skeptic provides a doubting attitude to both positive and negative news. He challenges ideas to make them better.
  • Visionary: The visionary has a clear idea of how things will evolve. The visionary is often not the best manager, but you need someone to anticipate the needs of your believers before they can articulate these needs themselves.
  • Adult: The adult makes things happen in an efficient, cost-effective, and legal manner. He complements the forward-thinking visionary by checking the rear, side, above, and below views.
  • Evangelist: The evangelist sells the dream of how your cause can make people’s lives better. She uses emotion, intellect, and persuasion, but seldom money, to make people believe in your cause as much as you do.
  • Rainmaker: The rainmaker closes deals. This role can involve selling ad space or convincing a foundation to donate money to your not-for-profit.

What role(s) do you play in your organization?  What role(s) are missing?