Vince Recommends…

Usually I recommend amazing products and experiences and restaurants that change your life and leave you indebted to me forever.  Today, something different.  I want to recommend a few tips on good email etiquette.

  1. NEVER CC a group of people unless you have a very specific and intentional reason for doing so. If you’re emailing your staff and want them all to interact on the topic, okay.  But I do not want to be included in some group email in a way that gives my email address out, or allows people to “reply to all” and now I’m having to receive all their responses. There’s a blind copy function for a reason.
  2. Keep your email as short as possible.  Definitely under ten sentences.
  3. Strategically use the subject line – let the person know why you’re emailing.
  4. If you’re asking for something, ask for it.  Don’t hint, ask.

You’re welcome!