Guerrilla Football Fans

Kris Hogan is the head coach of Faith Christian High School’s successful football team. They once had a game against Gainesville State School, whose players are from a maximum-security  prison. As Max Lucado writes, their “school doesn’t have a stadium, cheerleading squad, or half a hope of winning. Gainesville was 0-8 going into the Grapevine game. They’d scored two touchdowns all year.”

The situation wasn’t fair, and Coach Hogan had an idea. He asked his team’s fans to sit on the other side and root for the other team. Most did. They held up signs and cheered the Gainesville players by name. After the game, the two teams gathered for prayer, one of the incarcerated players asked if he could lead it. He prayed, “Lord, I don’t know how this happened, so I don’t know how to say thank you, but I never wouldn’t known there was so many people in the world that cared about us.”

But the Grapevine fans weren’t finished. As the Gainesville players got on their bus, each received a burger, fries, candy, soda, a Bible, an encouraging letter, and a round of applause.

You know what you call that? That … is guerrilla love.