Vault! Vault! Vault!

Our church planting conference, Vault, is less than 2 months away!!!   I talk to people all the time who say, “I’m coming, I just haven’t registered yet.”  But we’re limiting it to 100 people, and once we hit 100, game’s over.  So if you’re gonna register, get to registering.

And if you’re not planning on registering – are you sure about it?  It’s seriously going to be great!  We’ve got John Burke (of Gateway Church and No Perfect People Allowed) doing three sessions (personally, I think I probably have more to learn from him than maybe anyone in the country), and Will Mancini (of Auxano and Church Unique) doing a session.  I’m going to teach some of the principles we’ve learned and applied at Verve that has allowed us to reach people who are radically far from God and lead them to become radical Christ-followers.  This will NOT be stuff you hear at other conferences.  I promise you that.

For $100 you get all that material AND you get three meals provided AND we’re bringing a Vegas show to our Venue to break up the day on Tuesday.  Not to mention that you’ll get to attend one of our services, network with other pastors and church planters, connect with church planting agencies, and more.  We’ve got a hotel deal for you for $35.  This is seriously a no-brainer.

Register today, and we’ll see you at Vault – October 10-12.