Flash Mob Crime

Have you heard that the most current wave of violence and crime are flash mobs made possible by new technology.  People are using texts and twitter to decide on a business to hit, and then at the assigned time, a huge group will converge on the place, beating, stealing, looting, pillaging in an overwhelming way.  How sad.

The irony is that I had this idea when my Guerrilla Lovers book was released.  I wanted to try and create guerrilla lover flash mobs, trying to figure out how to get large groups of people to converge on a place to do acts of kindness and goodness in an overwhelming way.

Here’s what I think:  We are devolving, and darkness and hate will win the day, unless we force in light and love.  We can’t just sit back and think pleasant thoughts.  We need to be as strategic and aggressive for good, as the people in these flash mobs are being for evil.  Jesus said it this way, “the kingdom of heaven has been forcefully advancing, and forceful men lay hold of it.”  We need to be forceful with love.  The way I’d say it:  We need to ambush this world with guerrilla love.