The picture is of one of my favorite things in Las Vegas, and illustrates well one of my favorite things about God.

It’s an Art-o-mat, and there are a bunch of them in the Cosmopolitan Hotel/Casino. It used to be a cigarette machine, dispensing something that smells like crap, is horrible for your health, and tears families apart by bringing on cancer. But the people at Art-o-mat purchased the machine and made it into something different. It now dispenses original works of art. In so doing it helps out the 400 contributing artists, and brings creativity to those who purchase the art.

It’s just like God. I look at my life and it used to be crap, I was horribly unhealthy, and I tore other people apart because my personality was cancerous. But God purchased me and made me into something different. He’s made me into His original work of art.

And you know what? God wants to do the same in you.