Vince Recommends…

I have a never-ending quest: To make your life the best it can possibly be in every way. This is why about once a week I recommend things, like new types of Oreos to eat.

Today I want to share secrets on choosing your seat on a Southwest flight. Southwest employs a first come, first choice method of seating. The trick is to check-in on-line as soon as you can, which is 24 hours prior to your flight. If you get an early choice, you want to pick an aisle seat as close to the front of the plane as possible.

But what if you don’t get an early choice and all the best seats are taken? Let me help:

  1. The middle seats will be the only one’s available. For some reason, most people won’t take a middle seat towards the front of the plane. Maybe they’re holding out hope that there’s a better seat towards the back, or are embarrassed to interrupt the special people sitting towards the front. But not you! Take the middle seat in the closest row to the front, other than the first row. (The first row has no place to put your stuff, and no tray.
  2. But do not sit in the middle seat next to someone who seems eager to have you sit next to them. Look at who your seat neighbor will be. If they’re smiling, avoid them like curdled milk. They will talk to you the entire flight. You want to sit next to someone who doesn’t want you to sit next to them. That’s the perfect neighbor.
  3. And do not sit in the middle seat next next to someone who is very overweight. I’m sorry, and I say this as a person who has spent most of his life at least a little overweight. But it’s true. I recently flew between a husband and wife, each of whom could not get the seatbelt around their body, and needed seatbelt extenders. Not a pleasant flight for me. Remember that scene in Star Wars when Luke was almost crushed in the garbage compactor?

That advice is gold baby. Hope it helps. Happy traveling.