We’ve done our Vault Conference two times now. And each time we’ve had tons of people say it was the best conference they’ve ever been to. These are people who have been to all the big conferences. And that has really shocked me.

I think part of the reason is that we talk about things you don’t hear at any other conference. People who are serious about doing church not just to be big but for people who don’t like church are so grateful that someone is saying what they’ve been thinking, and equipping them with practical teaching on how.

But I think another part of the reason is expressed by this guy’s post on why he’s not going to the SxSW Conference this year. He compares “business conferences” with trade show booths and uni-directional lectures with “conferences for individuals” with a focus on individuals and exploration, and time to meet, and bi-directional discussions. Those are some of the factors people are loving about Vault. And I’m psyched about doing even better with all that.

Have you registered for Vault yet? If you’re a church planter, or a pastor who is serious about helping people who are far from God get close to God, register today.