A Parable

Picture this:  It’s 9/12. The morning after the terrorist attacks in New York City. Experts believe that there are people, possibly hundreds of people, buried alive under the rubble that was only a day ago the World Trade towers. Rescue workers have been called in to dig through the rubble to search for people who might still have a chance at life. And the rescue workers are standing next to the rubble … arguing. They’re debating why the terrorist attacks happened, different philosophies on how to find survivors, what’s the best brand of shovel. Meanwhile people buried under the rubble are dying.

I think that’s the church today. We were called by Jesus to be rescue workers, helping people to find life. But for some reason, unfathomable to me, the rescue workers spend their time arguing. Many even enjoy debating. Meanwhile the people we’re called to save are dying.

For him who has ears to hear…