Vince Recommends…

So I was in the truck stop by our church building (where do you think I hang out?) when I noticed this innovative new product: The 3-in-1 Breakfast Maker.  It’s a toaster oven, a coffee maker, and a frying pan – all in one! Because, obviously, having a separate toaster oven, coffee maker, and frying pan in your kitchen is MADNESS.

This makes me wonder what other things we could put together for the sake of convenience or space saving. How about a 3-in-1 television, margarita maker, and power saw because, well, you never know. Or a 3-in-1 nose hair clipper, apple peeler, and X-Box system, obviously just to save time.

I think we’ve all lived too long with individual items – it’s time for the 3-in-1 revolution. And it’s starting in the truck stop by our church!