Vince Recommends…

I’m usually not especially fond of books with a big face on it. It doesn’t matter whose face it is. One of my friends? Still don’t want to see your big face on my book. The world’s best looking person? Nope, still don’t want your big face on my book.

So am I hesitant to recommend a book with a big face on it. Yup. But this book is good. It’s EntreLeadership by Dave Ramsey (he of the big head).

Honestly, if you read leadership kind of books, there’s not a lot of new ideas in this one. But it’s a very thorough, very practical covering of the basics of leadership, with lots of examples from Ramsey’s ministry and lots of his home-spun, Paula Dean-esque kind of southern sayings. It would be a great kind of primer, 101 book on basic leadership and business management.

You’re welcome.