Adventure Infused Boredom

A couple of weeks ago at Verve we talked about how God wants to wake us up and give us full life in Jesus. And it’s interesting to think about what “full life” means. Like if we follow Jesus are there still boring parts in life?

Yes. But…

There are still boring parts, but if your life is in Jesus there is something very different about them.

For instance, I always thought getting my haircut is about as boring as it gets. But now when I get my haircut I try to figure out a way to let the person cutting my hair know that God loves them, and to invite them to church. And I have to do that in a way that doesn’t make me seem like a freak, and doesn’t freak them out. So it’s like I’m on this strategic mission, and there is a lot at stake, and it’s not boring. Well, maybe a more accurate description would be that it’s boredom, infused with adventure.

Or when I wash dishes. I’ve always hated washing dishes, partly because it’s so boring (and partly because it’s gross). But now when I wash dishes I use that time to pray about things that are really important – to me, to the world, to God. And I believe my prayers actually have an impact. So when I wash dishes, I am changing the world. Boring? Maybe kinda, but it’s a boredom infused with adventure.

What’s boring in your life? And is it possible that God could infuse your boredom with adventure?