Vince Recommends…

This is a “for locals only” recommendation, but if you live in Las Vegas, you are going to love me. You have got to try the bread at Bon Breads. Holy crap in your pants, it is perfect. The founder/owner Carlos Pereira is to bread what Michelangelo was to statues in the 1500’s, what Pablo Picasso was to painting in the 1900’s, what John Irving is to American novels today, what … okay, you get the idea.

Seriously, the bread is unreal. Bon Breads supplies the bread for many of the finer restaurants in Vegas, so if you eat at expensive restaurants, you may have had some. But they now have a retail store! It’s a tiny little spot in Town Square Mall, in an alley near the Tommy Bahama restaurant. Look for the bread bike in the picture above. They give you free samples – I tried the White Chocolate Bread and peed my pants. But you don’t have to be fancy, just get a baguette (for only $3), go home, eat half, sleep clutching the other half close to your chest, and experience true love. Or kill yourself through asphxiation by shoving an entire loaf in your mouth, and die happy.

And, of course … you’re welcome.