50 Hours of Worship?

As you probably know, Las Vegas is a city that prides itself on sin and welcomes travelers from all over the world who come here to ensconce themselves in debauchery. Recently, several churches determined to get people’s minds off the revelry and get their attention on God. A noble goal.

So how do you do that?

These churches decided to play 50 straight hours of worship music in a popular partying spot. Noble goal, non-effective method.

The idea that drunk partiers are going to hear worship music and drop to their knees and accept Jesus sounds nice, but it’s wishful thinking. Is it impossible that could happen? Maybe not. But I’d say pretty close to impossible. What’s likely to happen is that dozens or hundreds of people will actually be turned off by the attempt of these Christians to convert them in such a simplistic way. Then they’ll be even more difficult to reach in the future for someone using effective methods. The other thing that’s likely is the few Christians who happen to be walking around will compliment the churches on what they’re doing, further emboldening them that what they’re doing is working. Yeah, right.

I’m not saying God’s not worthy of 50 straight hours of worship. He is. And we should want to get everyone to the place where they want to worship God, but worshiping God in public in front of them is not the way to get them to that place. And if we really care about people, we need to find the most effective ways to get them interested in God.