Vault Alumni: Jesus Was Homeless

Bryan and Amy Stallings never intended to start a church. In 2008 they felt God lead them to offer Thanksgiving dinner for the homeless and those who live in the weekly and extended stay motels in their hometown of Branson, Missouri. Then they started delivering lunches to those same people. Today they provide 720 meals a week.

Soon they began a weekly discussion group offering support and an introduction to God and the gospel to 40-50 struggling people a week. In 2012 they got their own facility and starting offering church … for people who don’t like church.

Before launching it, Bryan and Amy attended Vault.  Bryan says that after attending Vault they “now have a better targeted approach, thus avoiding the Christians that either hop or attend another church. For us, Vault really helped us identify our goals and targets… We started a discipleship class so that we can teach others how to reach those far from God as well.  We use some of the stuff from Vault for that as well.”

I’m so proud of Bryan and Amy and their Jesus Was Homeless church and ministry, and that our Vault Conference has helped them. If you want intensely practical teaching and coaching on how to do church for people who are far from God and don’t like church, register for Vault today!