The Extra Chunky Church 4: Fantastic At…

I’ve been doing a little series on what Will Mancini calls a church’s “Kingdom Concept.” It’s a church’s “great permission” within the “great commission.” The idea being that every church has the same mission, but within that mission each individual church has an area of focused strength and impressive effectiveness.

Whether we like it or not, even if we might prefer to talk up balance, the reality is that churches tend to be unbalanced.  What does that look like?  Well, it depends on what church you’re thinking of:
•    When you think of Hillsong, you think of … worship.
•    When you think of Lifebridge Christian Church in Longmont, you think of … community service.
•    When you think of North Coast Church, you think of … multiple worship venues.
•    When you think of Northwood Church in Keller Texas, you think of glocal missions.
•    When you think of Mars Hill in Seattle, you think of theological teaching.
•    When you think of the Dream Center in L.A., you think of ministry to the down and out.
•    When you think of The Journey in NYC, you think of assimilation.
•    When you think of the two churches I’ve started, you think of reaching people other churches can’t or won’t reach.

All of those churches live out the other functions of the church, but none are balanced. And I don’t think God is upset that they’re fantastic at what they’re fantastic at.

And I wonder: What has God designed your church to be fantastic at? Perhaps you’ve tried so hard to be balanced, you’ve missed the one thing you’re supposed to be amazing at. What’s your Kingdom Concept?