Auxano Seminar!

Monday our Vault Conference begins at 1:00 p.m. and we are excited.

But here’s something else I’m VERY excited about.  Monday morning from 9 am to noon, Will Mancini and Auxano are doing a pre-conference seminar.  My understanding of how to lead well and be an effective church was changed when I read Church Unique.  Later my understanding of the importance of vision clarity, and how to achieve it, was accentuated by being able to hear the teaching of and get some coaching from Will.  And now YOU have that opportunity.

Seriously, if you are a church leader in Las Vegas, or within driving distance of Las Vegas, be at Verve on Monday morning by 9 am for the Auxano seminar.  I’d tell you to stay for Vault, but even if you don’t, don’t miss the Auxano seminar.  It’s $50, but if you’re coming to Vault you get a $20 discount.  Or if you’re coming to Vault and pay the $100 for it, you get a $20 discount for the Auxano seminar.