Introverted (3)

Recently finished the great book Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking. It is a great book and I thought I’d share a few insights from it this week…

Susan Cain’s book is a must-read for introverts, or people who want to understand introverts. It is beyond fascinating.

You’ll learn why introverts are introverts. Researchers at Harvard believe they’ve proven it’s because the amygdala organ inside the brain is developed more than in extroverts.

You’ll learn that it’s been proven that introverts salivate and sweat more than extroverts. Why? Because of the developed amygdala part of their brain.

You’ll learn about “free trait theory” – the idea that people with a fixed personality can act outside their personality (in an ongoing and effective way) IF it’s for something that is a critical core value for them. (I think this is the answer to the question I’ve been asked 1,000 times:  If you’re an introvert, how can you act the way you do on stage?)

You’ll learn about a trait psychologists call “self-monitoring.”  Self-monitors are highly skilled at modifying their behavior to the social demands of a situation.  They look for cues to tell them how to act.  This trait is what allows some introverts to seem like extroverts in certain situations, whereas a lack of this trait will lead to an introvert struggling more in social situations.

You’ll learn a lot.  So read the book already.