Preaching To The Unchurched

The Vault Conference started yesterday.  Here’s a brief excerpt from my talk today on “Preaching To The Unchurched” …

Let me make sure you realize this: If you get unchurched people sitting in your auditorium, and you walk up to preach, they are not thinking, “Oh, good, here’s the dispenser of Bible truth!”  They’re not thinking, “I just hope he’s a good expositor of the Word.”  No, they’re thinking, “Who is this guy?  Do I like this guy?  Could I hang out with this guy?”  If the answer’s no, it doesn’t matter if you are the Bible dispenser and a good expositor of the Word, because they’re not gonna listen, and they’re not gonna come back.  But if the answer’s yes, then you will open that person up to you dispensing Bible truth to them, and you could have lots of opportunities to teach them the Word.  So be yourself.  Talk like you talk.  It makes you seem normal.  Like a real person.  Like someone I can hang out with.  Be yourself.  Talk like you talk.

People often ask me what our church does that allows us to reach atheists, and Buddhists, and Satanists, and Wiccan witches, and you name it.  My answer is: A thousand little things.  There’s not one thing that is the big difference maker.  It’s a thousand little things you have to do right.  In this talk, I share about 15 of those things.  I’m praying it’s a game changer for the pastors at Vault.